All Types Of Online Earning

Internet is really full of surprises. You will be shocked at how many ways of online earning are available. I have listed down all the opportunities below as a reminder. In addition, I hope this guide will be useful to anyone who is interested.

Ask yourself these questions~
Will I successfully earn from the site?
Is it worth my time?


PTC - Paid To Click ✔
Even babies can do this!!! As long as you know how to use a mouse, you will be able to earn from PTCs just by clicking ads. By combining many different paying PTCs, you can earn a decent amount.

PTR - Paid To Read ✔
PTR sites pay you to read emails & sometimes, click ads. They are essentially similar to PTC but, are less common nowadays. Just for your information, PTR started earlier than PTC and is somewhat dying out. There are only a few legit sites left surviving all these years.

Sending Traffic

PTP - Paid To Promote ✔
PTP sites pay you to send traffic to your Ref Links (Personal links you get when signed up ). Earnings will be based on quality of traffic sent / number of views.

URL Shortener
Instead of sending traffic to REF links, you send traffic to many shortened links (you can shorten any sites you like) in order to earn.

Paid To Upload Images
Earning is based on pay per view of your images. The more images you upload and send traffic to the image links, the more you earn.

CPM Ad Network
This is perhaps the simplest type of advertising network to earn from. You get paid just for inserting the Ads into your site. Unlike CPC or CPA, you do not need people to click on the Ads to earn money. You will earn simple by impression. Meaning, for every traffic sent to your site, you will earn money based on the CPM rate.

Paid To Paste
Like any PTP sub-group, you earn just by sending traffic. in this case, the traffic receiving end is the pasted content owned by you.

Files Upload

PPD - PayPerDownload (Survey)Earnings are extremely high for PPD, up to dollars per download. The requirement is simply getting people to download the file you uploaded. They will need to complete a survey to download a file and when they do, you earn!

PPD - PayPerDownload (CPM)
PPD (CPM) is the polar opposite of the above. Unlike PPD (Survey), people do not have to complete surveys to download. Instead, it acts like normal file hosting sites where people can download your files with ease. The rate of earning is extremely low, up to cents per download.

Traffic Promotion

TE - Traffic Exchange
There are 2 types of TE & both requires members to visit sites posted by other members.
Manual surf means you have to manually click captchas to visit next site. On the other hand, Autourf only needs you to start the web software called surfbar and it will automatically visit sites.
Usually, manual surf TE rewards members with cash or prizes whereas most Autosurf does not offer it (with some exceptions).

Social Exchange
Its a new innovation which pays you for Facebook likes/shares/comments, Google +1/shares, Twitter tweets/retweet/favorite and many others social sharing. You earn credits which can be either used for boosting your social influence or exchanging for cash.

Originated from France, this type of advertising method has become more common. It requires zero work in order to earn, you only need to download their software-surfbarre and open it when you are using computer. Then the surfbarre (which is just a small bar) will rotate banners and you will earn Euros for every interval set by the surfbarre. Occasionally, you will need to type in captcha for the surfbarre to continue.


Paid To Post Forums
Many forums are starting to use this reward system to attract members for activity promotion. Different forums have different reward system but, most forums give cash for replies & thread posting.

Paid To Chat ✘
Similar to the above, you earn by interacting with people. The difference is that intead of chatting in forums, you get paid to do it in online chatting sites. Currently, its not very common with only a few existing sites.

Paid To Write
There are a few variety to such jobs. Some sites are buying your articles so you will get a 1 time payment up front for approved articles, up to dollars. Once they bought the articles, the copyright belongs to them. Other sites are only renting your articles and paying you on pay per view (CPM) basis. During the rental period, all copyrights belong to them too. However, you can delete your articles whenever you want and the copyrights will be returned to you.

Paid To Type Captcha ✘
You like typing but not chatting? Then this is for you! Basically, you earn by typing nonsensical captcha. Earnings are dependent on the rate per 1000 captcha typed, which is set by the site.

Fun & Entertainment

Paid To Play ✘✔
Playing games has never been so beneficial before! Now, you can find some sites which offer this. There are browser based games, MMORPG, and even flash games online. Usually, you will earn in-game tokens/coins/points which can be used to trade for real cash.

Paid To Watch Videos
So far, i have only found a handful of sites dedicated to this scheme. You earn by watching videos added by advertisers.Paid To Listen ✔
Amazing right? Now you can even earn money just by listening to music. The requirements may include rating/reviewing the music or simply only listening & nothing else!

Paid To Search ✘
Using Google constantly? Why not get paid for your time using search engines! You get points the more you search. Some search engines gives you points per time spent on them, whereas others rewards active users with randomly awarded prizes.

Investments (18+)

HYIP - High Yield Investment Program ✘
This is one of the biggest online earning type in the Internet. You will need capital to invest in it, and in return, the sites promised to pay you profit after a certain period. Because it is so popular, i have included it here. However, my advice is DO NOT JOIN SUCH PROGRAMS.High-yield investment program - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They are simply Ponzi scheme

Flipping ✘
Flipping means purchasing a revenue-generating asset and quickly reselling (or "flipping") it for profit. In virtual world, it commonly means buying domain/site and sellling it for higher price. Of course, it can also refers to other less common things that you think is sell-able.

Forex Trading
Like how people in real life buy and sell currency to earn profits, now its even faster to do so online! The concept behind it is simple, you buy a currency when its low and sell it when its high. Of couorse its not that simple in practical terms, you need experience to know when the time is right and make use of opportunities.

Financial Betting ✘
The name sounds nice but in essence, its just gambling. There are many varieties of gambling like casino gambling, sports gambling etc. (Quite) Similar to investments, you can make a loss or profit easily when your money is in.

Online Stocks
This is similar to real life stocks whereby you buy a company shares as investment. If the company earn profit, it will share dividends to all its investors. On the other hand, if it is making losses, investors will also lose their money depending on how much the company shares drop.The difference between online stocks and real life stocks is the capital required. Usually, you will be able to participate in online stocks with low capital. (less than $100)


GPT - Get Paid To
GPT sites combine different types of online earning, and pay you to do them. You can earn by clicking ads (PTC), completing surveys (Paid Survey), signing up(PTSU) or even doing offers! Earnings are usually high, with exception to some countries.

PTSU - Paid To SignUp ✔
It is usually sufficient to get paid from PTSU by doing simple registration. However, Advertiser may set additional criteria to be completed before paying.

Paid Surveys ✔
These sites which offer paid surveys are mostly registered companies. Therefore, do not join any sites that are not owned by company as it may not be trusted. For every survey completed, you earn dollars. Some sites compensate you with small cash bonus even if you screened out/unable to complete survey.

Online 'Gigs' ✘
Gigs are performed by people in online marketplaces and it means selling services for cash. Basically, people who have specific skills and can work tasks, list it in the marketplaces and wait for buyer to surface.

Paid To Be Online ✘
Anything simpler than this? You get paid just for being online. Well, at least thats what is commonly stated by the sites. In full detail, you need to download their software, which will then do some automated calculations/work with your computer power. Some examples are Bitcoin mining, Gomez, etc.​

How to Make Money by Watching Movies

Earn money online is a dream of every person and many peoples are used different ways to earn money online. But in fact if you spend 5 or 6 hours on internet and you have some basic knowledge of Computer and internet so you can easily earn money by doing different tasks such as freelancing, blogging and some other things.  But if you don’t have time to update your blog or you don’t have freelancing skills so you can also earn some handsome money by using some other ways. Today I will going to share with you a one interesting way and by using this way you can easily earn 100$ to 300$ per month by simply watching latest movies and write reviews. This is very simple and easy work and if you are interested in watching movies, so must try it and see how many you earn with this simple and spicy way.

Write Reviews and Earn Money

How you can earn money by writing simply reviews? I know this question is jumped in your mind but in fact I say this is a one interesting way of earning money online because if you are interested in watching latest movies and expert in writing their reviews so you can easily earn some good $$$. We can see many peoples that spend only few hours on internet because they will be busy in their life, so this is a specially chance for those peoples such as Students, because if you are student and you can busy in your study, so you can easily earn some money by spend only 1 or 2 hours by watching latest movies and write their reviews. There are lots of entertainment websites that offer you to watching movies and write movies reviews and generate some handsome money. Here I can collect some top 3 websites, where you can easily earn some handsome money by writing some attractive reviews on latest movies.
Below I will discuss each site with fully detail.


This site is one of the best that why I write it in this list at top because Helium provides you some good money when you write a review on movies. Here you need to write 400 words reviews that will be attracting to all visitors, who watch movies and force him to click on your review. Helium will pay you per review that you write at per movie.


This is also one another site that pay you some handsome money when you write a review on movies. The difference in Helium and xomba that is when you write a reviews on helium then it will pay you for it but at xomba you need to get a one adsense account and after it you can show adsense ads with your reviews and when any one read your review and click on adsense ads then the xomba will pay you for it.

3.Yahoo! Voices

Yahoo! voices is also pay you for watching movies and write reviews but first you need to sign up for one account and after it you will be able to write reviews at different movies. In yahoo voices when you post a one review at movie then you will earn some cents but when you increase your wroth by creative content then you will be able to earn some handsome money on daily bases.

Some Tips for you!
  •  Try to be first one to write reviews on latest movies. 
  •  Try to picking most happening topic for writing reviews. 
  •  Focus on quality reviews’ and try to write a review as soon as possible after releasing the movie trailer.

How to Make Money Online with Skype

Skype is one of the biggest VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that use many peoples to talk with friends, family memebers and it’s more simple and faster instead of any other service but you know you can also earn money with Skype? Yes! Its sound something interesting and today I am going to share with you some methods that are help you to earn money with Skype. 

You can also set up a video conference on Skype and start video chatting with your friends, family members and clients. There is a lot of ways that you can use and start earning money with Skype but if you don’t have any idea so read whole post and get some amazing ideas that we will discover and hope these are helpful for our site readers. 

Here we will discussed three methods of earning money with Skype, first one is how you can earn money by using Skype affiliate program and in second method we will teach you how you can earn money by offering your services to others and in third method we will give you some tips to earn money by teaching online, just go and learn everything with fully detail.

With Skype Affiliate Program

This is one of the best methods to earn money with Skype and many peoples are found it useful. You just need to participate in Skype affiliate program and they will give you one affiliate link same as some other companies just like bluehost, hostgator etc. After getting an affiliate link you need to promote it on your website with one attractive banner or you can also share it on facebook, twitter or any other site that you use. You can also share your affiliate link with your Skype friends and when anyone Sing-up on Skype through your affiliate link and buy any service from Skype just like Voice mail, Skype in, Skype out or any other paid service then you got %25 commission on each sell and I think if you suggest more peoples on Skype and tell him some advantages of Skype services then you easily success to earn some handsome money with Skype.

By Offering Your Service

If you have some deep knowledge about any work just like if you are expert in SEO, Articles Writing, Photoshop, MS-office etc, so you can also earn money by offering these services to online users. Its look like same as freelancing but here you need to find buyers. You can add more peoples in your Skype account by searching in Google and try to help them free of cost and when you success to win their trust then offer them your services. If you expert to developing any thing just like apps, softwares, games etc, then you also find a lot of peoples who looking for fresh talent and they want to hire some peoples for developing any big project. If you have some good knowledge about these things then just go and offer your services on Skype.

By Teaching Online

Teaching is also one of the best way of earning money with Skype if you have some good experience in teaching then simply find your students on Skype and trust me many peoples are looking for online teachers. You just need to teach them one or two hours daily and ask him to send you money by using any simple payment method. You can also teach your all students at same time by adding them in one group, its save your precious time and help you to earn more.

We hope these methods will help you to earn some handsome money with Skype and if you already earn money with it or you have any question related to this topic then feel free to ask in comment section and share our work with your friends.
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